How to Write a Personal Essay

The personal essay is a kind of paper that corresponds to the given topic from the writer’s own point of view. It usually has got some examples from a real life for supporting the main idea. Some people consider it a kind of interview, as it allows getting some thoughts about person’s abilities and opinions.

Usually, such essay requires at least five paragraphs of writing. When you ask yourself how to write a personal essay, you must not be fully objective. Such statements as “I think” or “I suppose” are quite acceptable. Many skilled writers insist that active voice is more preferred than passive. There is a common mistake among novice writers – they are likely to add too much irrelevant information. That’ why establishing the main points and choosing specific examples play the main role. Some writers do not know what is a personal essay and usually lose the sense of their targeted auditory. Getting someone to read your personal essay for feeling an initial impression is a good approach to face this trouble. A good advice – read more autobiographies of famous people and you will know how to write a personal essay.

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Personal narrative essay

The term “narrative” is related to the “story”, so you should try to make up your writing looking like a good book. Watch for the logical connections between paragraphs, smooth exposition, as they determine what is a personal narrative essay. Do not forget that the main aim of a personal narrative essay is showing a lesson that you have learned or knowledge that you have got. Some professional reveal how to write a personal narrative essay correctly - try proving your opinion with bright details and examples. Every personal narrative essay should present a conclusion that describes the result of your story and all qualitative changes happened with you.

Personal statement essay

Personal statement essay is focused on your own life and relation to different sides of life. If you hesitate on how to start a personal essay, begin with a quote of any celebrity. Its aim is persuasion of a third person that you are special, as such personal essays are usually written for applying to college, university etc. All at all, personal statement essay requires being as honest and sincere as you can be.

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